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About Us

OXO Chemie (Thailand) Co., Ltd. started out in Thailand over 20 years ago, OXO Chemie has established itself as a healthcare distribution solution specialist in the country. We are constantly evolving our quality services, IT systems, facilities, and management in order to create enduring market partnerships based on trust, open communication, responsiveness, innovation, and top results.

In the past two decades we have built up extensive experience in Thailand, meeting the ever-changing needs of the marketplace through continuous innovation, efficiency and forward-looking management. We combine extensive local market expertise with global vision to provide dedicated, cutting-edge distribution solutions to the healthcare industry.

About Us

OXO Chemie (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company focusing on the development and distribution of the immune modulating drug Immunokine®.

Immunokine® is approved in Thailand for the treatment of Cancer and Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

Immunokine® has the potential to support treatments for a broad range of chronic inflammatory, infectious and autoimmune induced diseases.


In 1988 the German OXO Chemie GmbH was sold to Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co. In the same year Dr. Theera Ramasooth, Permanent Secretary of MoPH, Thailand, invited OXO to conduct HIV research at Bamrasnaradoon Hospital in Nonthaburi. In 1990 OXO Chemie (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded as a research company with the purpose to conduct clinical research in Asia.

In 2000 all international OXO companies (US, Switzerland, Germany) with the exception of OXO Chemie (Thailand) Co., Ltd. were sold to NUVO Research Inc., a publicly traded company at the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: NRI). NUVO Research Inc. currently develops WF10 for allergic airway diseases in Canada and Europe.

OXO Chemie (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is continuing the development of Immunokine® in Thailand.

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How to Order

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